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Monday, July 22, 2013

Purchasing a Go-Kart?

Think of this: 

Since a memory of riding will be handed down through generations, a smooth ride is important.  An unpleasant experience usually backfires to friends and family members alike; potentially igniting negative influence to the next of kin.  Riding should be pleasureful and exciting; an outlet from life's exhausting monotony.  So, whether you're an adventurous adult or fearless youth, please inform yourself, and responsible persons, about all the RPMs of go-karting.  An education is never regretted.  The opposite of the saying is true; what you don't know CAN hurt you.

Things to consider:

Q:  Who will be riding in your go-kart?
A:  Important to determine the correct go-kart size; youth or full-size.

Q:  Should I have riding safety gear?
A:  As always, It's better to be safe than sorry.  Gear never hurts.

Q:  Will there be children present when riding?
A:  Keeping small children away from all motorized equipment is always a good idea.

Q:  Does the go-kart have a speed limiter?
A:  Our products have this important safety feature which allows you to set a parameter.

Q:  Is the seat adjustable?
A:  Our karts have a lever-operated adjustable system, allowing you to sit close or far away.

Q:  Are remote start keys included?
A:  To make life easier on you and the ride, our karts include these keys.  Less can be more.

Q:  Can two people ride in one go-kart?
A:  Two people can ride together to double the fun, just be sure to think of safety at all times.

Q:  Are there two separate seat belts?
A:  Yes, and we strongly advise the use of these for both passengers at all times.

Q:  Where will the go-kart be stored?
A:  Storage can differ, though away from outdoor elements is advised. offers:

-Warranty packages; ranging from one week to one year -- you choose
-Youtube tours and how-to videos to gain product confidence
-CARB (California Air Resource Board) certified product line
-Financing availability
-Instructions for assembly
-Wiring schematics
-Engine parts list
-Reputable support
-Detailed instructional
-Free shipping

Treading new ground in a 4-wheeled go-kart may be the proper fit for you and your family.