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Thursday, September 26, 2013

ATV Tire Size Simplified

Know what you're looking for

I remember the first time I needed to replace the tires on my car.  Expecting it to be a simple process, I marched into a tire store and before I knew it my head was spinning.  There were literally hundred of makes, models, styles, treads and sizes.  The education was a little intimidating and, despite the time that has passed since those days, the process for selecting a proper tire hasn't really improved, much like those furnace filters.

This is even more true for ATV and dirt bike owners.  Just because I learned it the hard way doesn't mean it has to be that way for you.  Below is a quick summary guide that can help you read, comprehend and make the right selection, no matter your ride.

When you see:  

25x18 -12 




You may see tire coding written differently.  Sometimes It's written with x, -, or / separating the numbers.  Tire manufactures for ATVs use these numbers to deliver information about the tire, like a description.  Here is how you break it down.

The "25" in the listing above represents the tire's height, in inches, when it is properly inflated.  Most ATV tires range in height from 18 - 27 inches.

The "18" in the measurement represents the width of the tire.  Said another way, it is the tire's footprint width when on the ground and properly inflated.

The "12" in the list above represents the diameter of the wheel that this particular tire is designed to mount.  In other words, this number is key to making sure the tire fits the rim of the wheel.

There you have it. Once it is broken down, it all makes sense.  Just be sure you order the tires with the numbers in the proper sequence to avoid any issues.  Now put those new tires on and hit the trails!